LED Illuminator Pads – The BiliBee LED is encased in silicone making the pad comfortable and flexible.

Disposable Sheaths – The disposable sheaths are used to cover the LED illuminator pad. These sheaths are designed to slide over the LED pad like a sleeve, and they to serve as a barrier between the patient and the flexible LED pad during treatment. The disposable sheaths should be replaced when soiled or deemed necessary.

Battery Operated – The BiliBee LED Phototherapy System is equipped with a battery pack that takes 8AA batteries that can provide a system operation time of up to four hours. The battery pack will enable the parent/caregiver to continue treatment during trips to and from the physicians office for Bilirubin checks.

Low Battery Warning – An audible low-battery warning will warn caregiver when, its time to replace the batteries or to swith to the AC power source.

AC Power Source – The AC power source plugs directly into a wall outlet, and provides DC output voltage to operated the LED illumination pad.

System User’s Manual –
The BiliBee LED Phototherapy system comes with a user’s manual to describe system operation, setup, warnings, and cautions.

Maintenance Free – With no moving parts, the BiliBee LED is maintenance free. The BiliBee does not have fiber optic cables or light boxes with lamps. Therefore, a hospital or distributor of medical equipment (DME) will be able to reduce expenses.

Warranty – The BiliBee LED Phototherapy System comes with a one-year warranty.