BiliBee Product Overview


To whom it may concern:

Last month my second son was born. As a pediatrician, when I realized his jaundice level would require phototherapy, I winced at the thought of a cumbersome bili-blanket or restrictive bed. Luckily, I was introduced to a new form of blanket: the BiliBee LED Phototherapy System from Medical Select, Inc. I was amazed at how compact the unit was and even more happy that it did not require the huge, fiber optic cable seen with other blankets. The effectiveness was excellent, dropping the bili level from 18.0 to 14.0 in 36 hours. Most importantly, we hardly realized the blanket was even there, and my wife could not have been happier. She was even able to feed the baby while keeping him on the blanket.

I would recommend this unit to any health care provider looking to manage newborn jaundice in a convenient and minimally intrusive manner.

- Dr. T.M. DuBose - South Carolina